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USDA Survey

      A couple years ago  we had to send in the agricultural cenus report which was quite lengthy and detailed. 
      Now the USDA has sent us a form requesting more information about our farming operation. So far they have contacted us three times by mail and once by phone regarding this survey.
     It states "Data gathered will help USDA develop and administer farm programs that benefit you and your community. This includes helping ensure producers receive program payments that reflect current market conditions."

The Purpose of this Blog

    After many years of farming in a free and unfettered way, suddenly it seems all that has changed.  I have a tremendous amount of pressure of late from agribusiness and governmental organizations. I would like to document here what a farmer must go through to stay in business in these times.      The food safety enhancement act if passed into law will change everything. Linn Cohen-Cole is probably the most outspoken and politically correct voice on this issue.