What Makes These Dates Stand Out

We live on 22 acres in the southern California desert. 5 acres are planted in date palms the rest is designated as a wildlife refuge.

Our dates are:

  • 100% Raw - Unaltered in any way.
  • Unfrozen - Dates are stored above 32 degrees.
  • Unheated - There is no heating of any kind. There is normally no post harvest drying process, although dates may lose a little moisture while hanging on the tree.
  • Sustainably Grown - Our dates are absolutely free of chemicals of any kind and grown in accordance with the laws of nature.
  • Small Farm Grown - You are always supporting the small farm way of life when you buy from our company.
  • Veganically Grown - Dates grown on our farm are grown without manure synthetic fertilizers or by-products of animal exploitive industries.
  • Heirloom Varieties - We sell many different kinds.
  • Our Farm and Home is Totally Off The Grid - We rely on solar energy for the majority of our needs.
  • The Personal Touch - We do our own work and have a direct hands on connection with the trees and fruit.
  • We use eco friendly, biodegradable packaging