USDA Survey

      A couple years ago  we had to send in the agricultural cenus report which was quite lengthy and detailed. 
      Now the USDA has sent us a form requesting more information about our farming operation. So far they have contacted us three times by mail and once by phone regarding this survey.
     It states "Data gathered will help USDA develop and administer farm programs that benefit you and your community. This includes helping ensure producers receive program payments that reflect current market conditions."
      We have not had to avail ourselves of any kind of government assistance and I hope we never do.
      In fact, it was the USDA who took the word organic away from us, and many other  small farms like ours, who could not afford the annual 3000.00 dollar cost of certification and registration. They then gave this label to the bigger operations who could afford the annual fees. 
      I am reluctant to volunteer information.