Why These Dates Are Different

People tell us we have the best dates. However, we can't take all the credit for that. One of the main reasons our dates are better is simply because we don't do anything to them.

Our dates are:

  • 100% Raw - Unaltered in any way.
  • Unfrozen - Dates are stored above 32 degrees.
  • Unheated - There is no heating of any kind. There is normally no post harvest drying process, although dates may lose a little moisture while hanging on the tree.
  • Sustainably Grown - Our dates are absolutely free of chemicals of any kind and grown in accordance with the laws of nature.
  • Small Farm Grown - You are always supporting the small farm way of life when you buy from our company.
  • Veganically Grown - Dates grown on our farm are grown without manure or other fertilizers derived from by-products of animal exploitive industries.
  • Rare and Exotic Varieties - We sell over 15 varieties.
  • Our Farm is Totally Off The Grid - We rely on solar energy for the majority of our needs.
  • The Personal Touch - We do our own work and have a direct hands on connection with the trees. We are available to answer any questions you might have about dates. If you're into the Raw Vegan diet, we speak your language.