Commonly Asked Questions about Dates

  • What is the best way to store dates? To keep dates in their optimum condition we recommend putting them in the frig sealed in air tight containers. "Wet" dates should not be removed from their fiber baskets because they are often very fragile, however, four baskets slide perfectly in a gallon ziplock baggie where they should stay good for 3 to 4 months. Dryer varieties keep even longer. For long term storage dates can be frozen. If dates must be stored out of refrigeration for long periods of time, they should first be frozen for a period of 72 hours to eliminate any possibility of infestation. Dates are the least perishable of any fresh fruit and will remain good for many months when stored properly.
  • Are dates a dried fruit? There is normally no post harvest drying process at our farm. Any drying that takes place happens as the dates hang on the tree. Some soft date varieties can be very juicy, these can be puchased in our wet pack. Other dry and semi dry varieties never have a very high moisture content and go directly to their naturally dryer state.
  • What about bugs? Because of our commitment to providing dates in the most natural state possible, we do not freeze, heat, fumigate or use pesticides of any kind to control insects. Bugs are not something you have to worry about too much, they are really quite harmless and seldom get past our sorting table, but there is a small chance you could see one on occasion. If by chance you do find one of these little guys, please place him or her outside where they will be more comfortable. Consider this proof positive of your box being a raw, sustainably grown product.